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Readers are Leaders


Whether aiming for 11+, Upton Hall or St. Anselm's success, boosting progress at school or preparing for the step up to 'big school',  confidence with reading is vital, and at ELC we are passionate about supporting our students in developing this.

Boosting Engagement with Reading

One of the best pieces of feedback we have ever received is the very simple 'how on earth did you achieve that?'

We received this from a parent who was astounded that we had managed to not only get their son to read but also to actually ask for books for Christmas and birthday!

Recommended Reading

'What should my child be reading for the 11+?' is often a question we are asked.  To support this we offer a recommending reading list for Year 4 or Year 5 students.  We also have a unique inititiative running through each of our classrooms that sees students focus on a different book every two weeks (yep! A new book every two weeks!)

What we also believe in is 'shared reading' where you are your child can enjoy reading and discussing the same books.  To ensure this is achievable we will always read books ourselves before we recommend them.

Our Libraries

We believe in all of our students and will continuously look for the opportunity to engage and inspire our students.  

With reading we have a range of initiatives that we will use to support all of our students in developing or extending a love of reading; after all the more you read, the more you know.  The more you know the more places you go!  (Thanks Dr. Seuss)

Our libraries, our love of reading and our relentless determination to help our students develop their vocabulary through reading has seen great success with a range of students.

Come along and join in the fun of our reading challenges and also our 'Don't judge a book by its cover' shelf and the ever popular 'three Rs'; otherwise known as  (Rodge' Recommended Reads)

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