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We are the tutors at ELC.

We will all do our best to help, support and encourage you to being the best that you can be.

We love it when you ask us questions and never be afraid or worried about asking for help at any time.




Oreo + Coffee = Win

About me:  "I started ELC 5 years ago as a small business that focused on 11+ tutoring.  However, like the acorn it has grown and grown.  We now provide tutoring across Wirral for the 11+, Upton Hall and St. Anselm's exams. I love seeing ELC students make huge strides of progress and achieve levels that they may never have believed possible."

Nerdy thought: "What isn't there to love about maths? Just why is the Fibonacci sequence of numbers found all over our world... including sunflowers."



Rodge won't let me have Lucozade

About me:  "I decided to join ELC after trying my hand at a few other roles - being a mystical ninja, trapeze artist etc. Nothing brings about the same satisfaction as inspiring young minds to achieve their dreams. This is why I love tutoring at ELC as I am able to bring all of my passion into the classroom.  I really enjoy the St. Anselm's sessions that we offer where our boys get to be extra creative with their writing."

Nerdy thought: "Do what you love, love what you do!"

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Lesson designer extrordinaire

About me:  "I'm a recent addition to the ELC team but I've been teaching almost 20 years. My favourite thing about tutoring is that moment when a student has what I call a 'blue sky moment' - the clouds part and they see something clearly for the first time. It's great to see their faces when this happens.  As an ex-Upton student myself I love nothing more than seeing ELC girls be hugely successful in the Upton exam after our tutoring provision.

Nerdy thought: "The technology that I used to watch in Star Trek and dream about having is the technology children have in their lives today."



Queen of efficiency

About me:  "I've been working at ELC for about a year and love being part of it. Seeing the confidence of my students increase on a weekly basis is a real joy. They are genuinely excited to come in and say how they have done in their latest Maths test or which nerdy word they have used this week in school.

Nerdy thought: "If you're watching a sunset, someone on the other side of the earth is watching the same sun rise."



Nerdy 'n' proud

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Nerdy 'n' proud

About me:  "I have been teaching in schools for 10 years and after having my daughter I fancied a change. I was born to teach and love seeing the light bulb moments in children's eyes, working with children at ELC allows me to see these moments on a daily basis."  I love working with either the Year 4 or Year 5 students and helping them boost their literacy and numeracy skills.

Nerdy thought: "I love looking at the stars and I can't believe that as I look up at the night sky some of those stars no longer exist."