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Missed An 11+ Tutoring session?

The logistics involved in planning family life is

never easy at the best of times. 

Then throw in the unexpected sickness bug and of course

the party invites and before you know it your
carefully laid
plans for 11+ lessons are in ruins.

Fortunately, at ELC we have a perfect safety net!

If an 11+ lesson is missed, it can either be rearranged for another day in the week or alternatively, a live online version of the lesson is available every Saturday morning.

2.  Attend our live online 11+ lesson on Saturday morning at 9am.

(P.S If none of the above are possible a 50% refund for the weekly tutoring can be requested from Alex our trusty admin superhero!)

(P.P.S If the lesson is missed in the unlikely event of us not being able to provide a tutor and you are unable to attend any of the rearrangement opportunities, we apply a 100% refund...and still provide you with homework for the week.)

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