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Wirral GL 11+ Mock Exam 5th July

Maths average score was 22/30

Verbal Reasoing average score was 34/40 

Non-verbal reasoning average score was 13/30

Overall average was 69%


Students seem to be growing increasingly confident with maths and hopefully if they continue to use the daily booster packs this strong progress will continue through summer.   We will be looking at increasingly complex maths over the summer.

Non-verbal reasoning

This is an area that we will continue to work on with the students.  

With verbal reasoning we are confident that we can predict the types of questions that will arise.  This is not applicable to the non-verbal reasoning test though given the huge variety of non-verbal reasoning that the GL assessment can select from.

We  non-verbal reasoning in every 11+ lesson and also offer additional practice sessions on a Sunday.

Over summer we will be offering an 11+ booster package for children (this is similar to our booster days but delivered online and spread over several days).  Details will be released shortly.

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