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The wirral 11+ exam

When it comes to the Wirral 11+, everyone seems to know something.  From years of successful 11+ tutoring, we are confident that we know what is involved and more importantly, what is required for the children to be successful.

The 11+ tutoring at Every Lesson Counts is built around a deep understanding of the requirements of the exam and looks to support your child on every step of their learning journey.

What is in the Wirral 11+?

The exam looks at three skillsets:-

1.  Verbal Ability:  Ultimately, how many words does your son/daughter know.  This will be explored in a variety of ways from similrar in meaning, odd one out, anagrams etc.

2.  Maths:  There will be a range of questions looking at your child's confidence with a variety of maths topics.  These will be taken from the Year 5 and Year 6 curriculum.  

3.  Non-Verbal Reasoning:  This section asks children to solve picture patterns.  They can be asked to add missing parts to a sequence, select the pattern that is the odd one out, compete a matrix etc.

The exam itself is split into two 50 minute papers with a short break in between.

What is the pass mark from the Wirral 11+

Wirral suggest that a score of 75-85% is the required pass for the exam.   

Tutoring for the Wirral 11+

You might be thinking about getting a tutor for the Wirral 11+.  You might be asking yourself is it worth it?

At Every Lesson Counts we look at it in two ways:-

Firstly, the range of skills required in the 11+ exam mean that it would be a considerable challenge for a child to walk into the exam and perform to the best of their abilities without some sort of prior preparation.

Secondly, the tutoring that we provide will not only boost the confidence and liklihood of success in the Wirral 11+ but also help support strong progress and development in school.

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