When starting with Every Lesson Counts, please read through the T&Cs to familiarise yourself with the various areas of our provision.

ELC Lessons

We will provide all of our students with access to a weekly lesson that contains a range of activities that will be suitable for excellent preparation for the Wirral 11+.  This will be supported by a homework package that is accessible from the members section of our website.


After each lesson there will be an opportunity to have a chat with the tutor to identify areas of success and areas that can be developed.


We will send a newsletters out via email.  This will contain tips and advice for supporting your child’s academic development, competitions to further engage children with their learning journey and news of upcoming events at ELC


Tuition fees

Fees are paid via a subscription service on the website.  These are £25 per week.

This fee includes access to our weekly homework platform.

If a session is missed we will attempt to rearrange your lesson to another night (or Saturday morning online).  If you are unable to make any of the rearrangements we will add a credit to your account.

Credits can be used against mock exams/Booster days in holidays and other ELC events.

Unused credits are not refundable so please ensure you have used these prior to the conclusion of the couses.


Missed Lesson

We operate a credit system for missed lessons as opposed to refunds as we always provide weekly homework even if a child is unable to attend.

To secure a credit for the lesson we ask that as much notice as possible is given that your child will not be attending.  

When a lesson is missed, wherever possible it will be rearranged for another evening in the week.

If it is not possible to rearrange the lesson it can be held as a credit for a holiday club/additional activity that we are running.    Access to homework/weekend boosters will be unaffected.

Please note that credits that are not used by the conclusion of a subscription are not able to be refunded and credits cannot be used against standard weekly tutoring lessons.


Contacting ELC

Please send all enquiries/cancellations etc to admin@elctutoring.co.uk contact us here and we will get back to you ASAP.

Tutor Absence

In a very rare occurrence, it may not be possible for a tutor to attend a session.  In these circumstances we will endeavour to put another member of our team in to cover the session to ensure continuity of provision.  Alternatively, tutoring at a different venue or on a different day can be arranged if convenient. If a cover tutor or tutoring on another day is not available we will add this lesson as a credit against any prepaid lesson.


Behaviour for Learning

We provide the highest standards of teaching and support and in return expect the highest standards of behaviour from all of our students.  


To support a focus on learning, please can we ask that fizzy, sugary drinks and sweets not be brought to lessons.  


Summer Holiday Tutoring

ELC continues to offer optional tutoring throughout the main holiday periods (Christmas excluded).

If you wish to cancel your subscription at this point please contact admin@elctutoring.co.uk

Please note that cancelling your subscription will also stop your access to the ELC learning platform.



St. Anselm's & Upton Hall Tutoring

We will offer free Saturday tutoring for Upton/St. Anselm's for all students.

Places at these free sessions are linked to a student attending an 11+ lesson during the week.  Should a student be unable to attend their 11+ lesson the Upton/St. Anselm's lesson will count as the lesson for the week.


Holiday Booster Packs

As part of the ELC provision we offer all of our students a daily booster pack throughout holidays.  These are made available to students who have attended either a daytime or evening session throughout during the week.

Should tutoring during the summer holiday period not be required we also offer the opportunity for access to the weekly booster packs to be purchased at £10 per week (equivalent to £2 per booster pack; each pack contains exercises looking at comprehension, word maths, arithmetic and non-verbal reasoning.)


Mock Exams

We recommend students take a minimum of 3 mock exams.  The first exam is usually a perfect way to get over ‘exam nerves’ and then exams 2 and 3 will allow students to show their all round ability.


Each exam will contain two papers and be a mix of literacy, numeracy and non-verbal reasoning complete with multiple-choice answer sheets and a difficulty level that from experience we know to be similar to the real 11+.


We are aware that other mock exams will be made available from other tutoring agencies.  The significant difference is that they are unlikely to give you the papers back to allow your child to reflect on areas where they can improve.  Usually you will just be given a mark and a couple of ‘pointers’. At ELC we will always send the mock paper home with the students to allow for a chance to reflect on areas for development.


Recommending ELC

As our way of saying thank-you for passing on our details, we will add an additional lesson credit to your account for every successful recommendation.  These can be redeemed against mock tests or summer booster days.

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