What do we charge?

We don’t like it when tutors hide their fees from their websites and profiles. It makes us suspicious. 

We also realise that tuition is a big additional cost that needs to be reasonable and within budget.  We hear of all sorts of crazy scenarios too of people being asked to pay for more than one lesson a week (one lesson is plenty by the way) and even being asked to buy resources/homework packs!  At ELC, as with all of our tutoring, we aim to approach things in a way that mark us out as Wirral's best tutoring provision.

Our pricing is transparent, competitive and fixed for the academic year ahead. It also covers all learning materials needed during the sessions.  This includes access to our online learning, weekly booster packs, full holiday resource pack, onsite library and all the other exciting and inspiring initiatives we offer our students throughout the year! 


Weekly session: £25 per student (£35 1:1) (also available in holidays)

Mock exams (2 hour session): £20 per session


Booster Club throughout holidays area available.

Naturally we appreciate that this may not be viable for all families and so we are more than happy to discuss alternatives.