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how much does Tutoring cost?

We realise that tuition is an additional cost that

needs to be reasonable and within budget.  


At ELC, as with all of our tutoring, we aim to approach things in a way that mark us out as

Wirral's best tutoring provision.

Our pricing is transparent, competitive and fixed for the academic year ahead.


It also covers all learning materials needed during the

sessions and includes: a weekly classroom lesson, access to our online learning, weekly booster packs, full holiday resource pack and all the other exciting and inspiring initiatives we offer our students throughout the year! 



Weekly sessions:

Group Tutoring (max 6 students)

Year 3&4: £20 per student 

Year 5 £25 per student (includes weekend boosters)

SATS:  £20 per student

GCSE maths:  £20 per student

1:1 classes: £35 


Our tutoring is available through all holidays.

Mock exams: £25 per session: 


Booster Clubs:  £35 (9am-12pm in holidays)

If you miss a lesson we will always look to rearrange for you.


If your child is unable to attend rearranged options we will refund 50% of the cost of the lesson.

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