Where can you find ELC?


9 Town Lane



CH63 5JB


Brimstage Hall

Brimstage Estate


CH63 6JA


158 Seabank Rd,



CH45 1HG



Eastham Hall

109 Eastham Village Road


CH62 0AF


43A Market Street



CH47 2BF


120 Greasby Road


CH49 3NG

The   2019 results for the  11+, Upton Hall  &    St. Anselm's exams are ELC's   best ever   with some students achieving 100%!"

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     0151 643 8397

     07961 950 494


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Bookings now being taken for students going into Year 3, 4 or 5 in September 2020. 

Welcome to Every Lesson Counts

Your child is unique. They deserve the very best opportunities in life and the support and guidance which will help them to fulfill their potential.  The team of tutors at Every Lesson Counts are committed to this and will support your child (and you) through every step of their learning journey.

Wirral 11+ Tutoring

As our name highlights, 'Every Lesson Counts', we believe that every moment of Wirral 11+ tutoring should be an opportunity to support all of our students in building confidence, develop new skills and above all believe that they are capable of continuous achievement and progress.

We know that there are multitude of Wirral 11+ tutors and choosing one can be quite a challenge.  At ELC We offer tutoring which provides fantastic preparation for the Wirral 11+, Upton Hall and St. Anselm's exams success. Our structured tutoring consists of carefully planned lessons (no boring textbook photocopies), weekly feedback and detailed and quality homework booklets online.  We also offer tutoring throughout the holidays and access to our online learning platform.

Upton Hall & St. Anselm's Tutoring

Many students who come to us also wish to take the Upton Hall or St. Anselm's exams.  We offer a specfic weekly course for these exams but for students being tutored for the Wirral 11+ we offer to provide the tutoring for these two exams for free.  We believe that we are the only Wirral tutors offering this and it forms part of our commitment to provide the very best tutoring provision possible.

Maths and English tutoring for Year 4, 5 & 6

For some, the Wirral 11+, Upton Hall and St. Anselm's exams are not the target but rather it is to boost a child's confidence in literacy and numeracy.  At ELC we are conscious of this and offer an ELC 'Stepping Stones' course for students in Year 4, 5 or 6.   We also offer a Year 6 course designed to support students making that transition to 'big school' much easier. Above all, we want your child to believe in themselves, to be able to face challenges and celebrate their own talents, abilities and skills.  


Please take a moment before you start your ELC journey to find out more about our how ELC has become recognised as the providers of the best Wirral 11+ tutoring.

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