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classic nerdy questions

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Do I have to do my homework?

Do we just fill in lots of worksheets in silence in the lesson?

Am i stupid if i can't do a question?

What if i can't do a question?

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if you want to make massive progress, you should try our amazing homework.  There are lots of things there to help you.

Definitely not!  Our lessons are made to be fun, challenging and something that you will enjoy.  Our students say they 'fly by'.

Not at all.  There is no such thing as 'stupid'.  you have lots of talents (maybe dancing?  Maybe football?  Maybe you play an instrument?)  Maths and literacy are just another skill that you can improve.

We have a 'mistakes are ok' policy.  All we want you to do is try.  Your tutor will explain how to do things so please don't worry.

I don't like reading.  Can you help?

We can definitely help you.  I am the word wizard and i have lots of great recommendations. 

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I don't like reading.  Can you help?

I really struggle with maths. can you make me better?

I am numeracy ninja.  I am a maths expert.  I will give you all the strategies you need...I just need you to practice your times tables.