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11+ Tutoring (Holidays)

We know that people like to go away and catch a

well earned breather. 

However, whilst all work and no play was not good for poor Jack, similarly, too much play and no work did gave him the much feared jelly brain!


With the 11+, Upton Hall and St. Anselm's exams being taken so soon after children return to school in Year 6 we take steps to ensure our tutoring remains available through all holiday periods.

At ELC, during school holidays, we offer an array of optional 11+  tutoring sessions.  These are also available for St. Anselm's and Upton Hall.

 The 11+ tutoring in the holidays can be in the form of 3 hour boosters or evening tutoring.  The daytime booster sessions can be booked via our online booking system so as to allow you that freedom make holiday plans with family and friends.

If you will be away and your child is unable to attend the weekly tutoring session the following options are available:-

1.  Email Alex at for a 50% refund (homeworks/booster packs etc are available)

2.  Use the Saturday morning online session as a way to keep 11+ tutoring etc ticking over.

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