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Does my child need a tutor?

Is there an assessment in order to enter ELC?

When should my child start tutoring?

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Does my child need a tutor?

Many believe that preparation and tuition for the 11+ test is unnecessary, particularly when certain exams consist purely of Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning. Some authorities and schools often comment that because these papers test your child’s natural ability, these skills therefore cannot be taught. In direct contrast to this, research has been conducted over the years since 2004 that evidences regular tuition and preparation can significantly boost performance in these exams.

At ELC, we believe that whilst it may be true that Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning tests do assess your child's natural ability, we regular see students benefit from tuition and our results illustrate that tuition has an impact on the outcome of the test.

Tuition not only increases knowledge but also familiarity and confidence with multiple types of exam questions, which in turn allows our students to regularly practise the techniques needed to solve them. You know that old saying, practice makes perfect? The more they practice it, the more confident they will become, which will stand them in good stead on the all-important exam day.

As a parent, you must also consider if your child requires additional tuition, based on the current attainment level of their school. Tests comprise of both English and Maths papers, so it’s important to establish whether they are undertaking tasks in school that are similar to those set in the 11+ or similar exams. Many children of 9 or 10 years old have not yet mastered the process of producing a structured and balanced piece of writing, often with a focus on the basics of a beginning, a middle and a very hurried end. Tuition in this area can provide valuable skills for not just the exams, but for future success at school.

Some parents will undertake their own preparation and tuition at home successfully, with others opting for a tutor. Time, the levels of commitment required and the skills to coach them often play a part in making a decision, whilst many parents at ELC have commented that they felt their child wouldn’t respond well to home tuition.

Regular sessions, along with some additional mock exams and booster days throughout the holidays help to keep our students motivated, brimming with confidence and on track to succeed, whilst reducing the stresses and strains between you and your child.

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Do children have to pass an assessment before you accept them for tuition?

No. We have been told by some of our parents that they have been informed that their child has no chance of passing the exams, by other tutors. No chance? Despicable.

Judging by the horror stories we have heard, some tutors base their decision of accepting a child on the initial assessment of their non-verbal skills, Maths and English. Many of these initial assessments actually mirror the 11+ exam. If they don’t perform strongly in this assessment, the child will be turned away, which in turn preserves the tutors 100% pass rates. In reality, they are simply assisting students who have already demonstrated that they are more than capable.

At ELC, we strive to make young people believe in themselves, encouraging them to become confident learners, who ultimately will strive towards achieving their goals.

We put an immense amount of work in to preparing them, with structured feedback and advice along the way to success but it’s not our victory, it's theirs. Our students put the biggest effort in and reap the rewards as a result. We aren’t protective of our pass rates, we are protective of our students. Never will you hear us say the words ‘no chance’ nor will we ever turn someone away.

We do have an assessment. It’s free and it’s for your benefit. For you to decide whether your child is ready and suitable to commit to the journey with us. We understand that tutoring is not for everyone. We also offer a taster session if you’re unsure. And we can guarantee that your child will love it just as much as we do.

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When should my child start tutoring?

Most of our children will begin their tutoring in either September or January of Year 5, although we do have regular Year 4 students attending too. Unlike many other tutors, our academic year continues right throughout the summer, to ensure they are ready to complete the exam in early September.

Our tutoring classes focus and encourage strong foundation skills in both literacy and numeracy aspects of the 11+ and other exams.  Parents regularly comment on the sudden 'blossoming' of their child at school after regular sessions with us.

There is no scientific answer as to how much tutoring is the correct amount – you know your child best, so you will know when is best for them to start.

We certainly don’t recommend sessions based on their financial value to us. One hour a week in class, followed by some work at home to test their understanding of what they have learnt. We do run additional mock exams and booster sessions throughout the holidays but these are additional offerings and not mandatory expensive extras, you can simply pick and choose what you feel is beneficial.

Our best advice and recommendations are often given by our students parents, so feel free to pop in and speak with them in the Parentzone or on our Facebook page, if this helps you decide what is best for you.

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