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What is the Upton Hall exam?

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What is the Upton hall exam?

The Upton Hall Exam consists of two verbal reasoning papers that will include, amongst other things, code breaking, logic and sequencing.

The exam is taken at Upton Hall.

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Classroom based learning​

We have an outstanding level of success in preparing girls for the Upton Hall​ exam.

We deliver one live classroom lesson per week and then follow this up with an online booster lesson over the weekend.

Weekly homework

Our homework for the Upton Hall exam has been proven to be hugely successful.  It will give the girls absolute confidence with every type of question and develop their speed and accuracy in answered the questions within the time limit.

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Weekly Feedback

We provide weekly feedback about the progress of the students to parents and a pointer for  success and one for development to all the girls.

The Next step


If you would like to find out more about our tutoring for Upton Hall, please click the contact us button to get in touch.

A member of our team will contact you with 24 hours to discuss your requirements with regards our tutoring provision.

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At ELC we provide in depth tuition in preparation for the 11+ entrance exam.

Our success rate is unrivalled and we are Wirral's most popular tutoring provision.

St. Anselm's

Entrance exams are highly competitive but at ELC we have an outstanding pass rate & will give your son the support they need throughout their learning journey.

Upton Hall

Our Upton Hall tutoring provides outstanding progress and success.

A structured course that builds confidence and self-belief in the girls we tutor.

English & Maths

At ELC we also offer specific English & Maths tuition.  Perfect for SATS, building confidence or making the step up to secondary education.

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