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Tutoring for wirral 11+ exam

There are many reasons why tutoring can be a good idea for students. Here are some of the main benefits of Wirral 11+ tutoring at Every Lesson Counts.

  1. Personalised Attention: With our 11+ tutors, students can receive one-on-one attention that they may not get in a classroom setting. Tutors can tailor their approach to the individual student's learning style, pace, and needs.  We structure our 11+ lessons with a range of activities that will engage, motivate and inspire students and that have a clear focus on the expectations of the Wirral 11+ exam.

​2. Improved Performance: By providing personalized attention, tutors can help students improve their grades and academic performance at school.  Feedback we receive often talks about sudden surges in progress at school.  Our 11+ lessons are structured to allow students to work on specific areas of weakness and help students gain a deeper understanding of subject matter.


3.  Boosts Confidence:  We advocate a policy of mistakes are ok and when learning new topics for the 11+, it is more a case of 'I don't know it....YET'.  Our tutoring style helps students feel more confident in their abilities. As they receive positive feedback and see improvements in their performance, they can feel more confident in their academic abilities and themselves.

4. Learning Support: As well as carefully planned lessons, we provide all students with access to our learning platform.  This is crammed with weekly activites for verbal, non-verbal reasoning and maths.  If you would like to view this, please take a trip over to


5. Flexibility: We make every effort to structure our tutoring provision around family life.  We even offer an online version of the lesson every Saturday for any student who might have missed out during the week through other commitments.


Overall, 11plus tutoring at Every Lesson Counts will not only support a strong and structured journey towards success in the Wirral 11+ but it can also provide many benefits for students, including personalised attention, improved performance and boosted confidence.

What is the pass mark from the Wirral 11+

Wirral suggest that a score of 75-85% is the required pass for the exam.   

Tutoring for the Wirral 11+

You might be thinking about getting a tutor for the Wirral 11+.  You might be asking yourself is it worth it?

At Every Lesson Counts we look at it in two ways:-

Firstly, the range of skills required in the 11+ exam mean that it would be a considerable challenge for a child to walk into the exam and perform to the best of their abilities without some sort of prior preparation.

Secondly, the tutoring that we provide will not only boost the confidence and liklihood of success in the Wirral 11+ but also help support strong progress and development in school.

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