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What you need to know

Group Tuition

The Upton Hall exam different test to the new 11 plus CEM.

The examination format for Upton Hall exam is two 50 minute closed verbal reasoning tests, both of which are taken on the same day.

This format has not been changed like the new 11 plus and therefore children will be tested on the verbal reasoning questions.

The papers are sent offsite for marking and an age-weighted allowance is made. The test scores are then added together and those girls who achieve 236 or more are deemed to have reached the required standard.

The results of the test will be sent to parents towards the end of October each year.

We offer tuition with unrivalled success rates for this exam. Our sessions are weekly and include all resources needed for success in the exam are provided.  After years of providing successful tutoring we are confident that we know the perfect preparation methods required to ensure success is achieved on the day of the exam

We value and support our Upton students as individual learners, encouraging them  to have the  confidence and belief that they can achieve  this exam and beyond.

The course content is not the same as the new 11 plus CEM and girls who wish to take this exam in addition to the 11 plus exam may need to attend an additional lesson to cover this preparation.  As always, all course materials are provided and if this is the case, please do contact us to discuss the best options for you.

Holiday Club Booster Days

Help your child fend off 'brain drain' during the holidays with our additional Booster classes.

These unique, educational and fun events allow us to relax, engage a little more with our students throughout the longer sessions, cover many different challenges and activities and keep their revision on track, which enables them to return to school full of confidence.

Feedback from our students and parents show that these events are really popular, a lot of fun and extremely beneficial to continue preparing them for their chosen exam.

These sessions are available for Year 4 and Year 5 children and will generally also contain an Upton mock exam.

The sessions run from 9.30am until 2.30pm on specific days. 

Sessions are always advertised well in advance and you are advertised to book on earlier so check out our Events page and also keep up to date on social media.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or wish to try a booster session.

Mock Exams

We hold regular mock exams in our academic year, starting in March, once all of the topics needed have been covered and practiced.

These papers are structured and written by our very own tutors specifically for each mock session so that your child will not have seen these previously. The exams are designed to cover a mixture of literacy, numeracy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning used in the different exams.

The exam sessions two hours long and reflect either the Wirral 11+ CEM, Upton Hall or St. Anselm's structure depending on which you choose for your child to complete.

Each test will last for 50 minutes and you will receive the results along with full feedback about your child’s performance. We hold will be a couple of short booster learning activities  prior to the exam to ensure students are ready to work to their full potential and flex those brains.

Our mock events are very popular and students who have sat previous mock tests have spoken about how they felt more confident after attempting the exam in a timed and realistic environment. This also helped them to independently identify areas they needed to develop and revise.

Mock exam days are available to both current ELC students and non-ELC students who may attend other tutoring services.