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STEAM - Innovation in the Next Generation!

The 2020 Future of Jobs survey by the World Economics Forum predicted the top five sought-after skills by employers in 2025 to be:

  1. Analytical thinking and innovation*

  2. Active learning and learning strategies

  3. Complex problem-solving*

  4. Critical-thinking and analysis*

  5. Creativity, originality and initiative*

Four of these five skills can be practiced by using STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths! An integrative approach to learning that allows children to harness their creativity and problem-solving abilities at an early age. With corporations like Google taking creativity into account when hiring interns, employers are finally beginning to appreciate the arts and how they can benefit STEM careers. Hence, STEM is now STEAM!

Why is STEAM Important?

STEAM skills translate into our everyday lives as well as our careers. We use scientific knowledge to take care of our health, to stay safe whilst using certain products (basic knowledge of chemistry can be helpful when trying to remove a tough stain or knowing what chemicals not to mix), and understand fundamental laws of the Universe. Technology is now part of our daily lives, engineering allows people to build and fix household items at no extra cost, Art enables people to DIY and innovate, and Maths skills come in handy when budgeting and calculating your taxes.

Every day we are using STEAM skills, in work and in the home, so why not get kids practicing them early on?

STEAM at Home

There are many ways to bring STEAM into the home, but why not start off simply with the book STEAM Kids? It boasts over 50 different activities and at a small expense. With the holidays close by, an Easter-themed activity like paper-mache eggs or building an egg basket would be the perfect way to show kids that learning can be an adventure!

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