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Outdoor Learning!

After all the time we have spent inside, many of you will be relishing the outdoors. Why not take it a step further and turn your newfound freedom into a learning experience? Outdoor learning not only improves intelligence but also improves behavioural and emotional skills, confidence, independence and creativity.

1. Garden Centres and Outdoor Play Areas:

These spaces are great at catering to children whilst providing parents with their own entertainment. You won't have to implore any encouragement as children will naturally want to interact with the play areas provided by the likes of garden centres, farms, stately homes and museums. Some of these outdoor play areas are so big and complex they resemble assault courses, and have the benefit of a natural and earthy feel. Besides the toys and structures themselves, outdoor play areas provide lots of stimulation with beautiful colours, foliage and smells that bring out a child's inner inventor.

2. Woodland Walks and Farms:

The UK is plentiful with woodland walks and trails where parking is free, educational signs are often dotted around, sometimes there are beautifully carved statues and furniture to admire and interact with on your walk, and a cafe is usually nearby. You can take advantage of these walks by printing off nature packs and giving your child the task of 'identifying' different species or drawing the animals/ plants they see. If they identify/ draw a certain number of flora and fauna a treat could be an icecream or a cake after the walk is over.

Farms are wonderful spaces for children as they teach children about responsibility and compassion. The staff are happy to allow your child to hold certain animals like chicks and ducklings, or feed a lamb a bottle of milk. You can always buy feed for 20-50p and use it as a learning experience - for instance, teaching children how to safely and calmly feed animals like horses that require you to use a flat palm. This provides your child with new information and gives them a boost in their confidence. Some farms give presentations like how to milk cows, or how to collect chicken eggs.

3. Interactive Museums!

Places like Eureka, Magma, The National Space Centre and The Eden Project are vibrant, memorable and wholly unique experiences. Your kids will be having so much fun, they won't realise they have been learning along the way! And they aren't just for kids - adults will find them just as exciting.

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