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Non Verbal Reasoning, AKA 'The Equaliser' + Free Papers

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

As your child is becoming more and more familiar with the GL exam through mocks, it will be apparent that the Non-Verbal Reasoning section makes up a fair amount of the exam - possibly more than you were expecting. Though a large chunk of education is about developing our mathematical and literacy skills, it is important, especially important during the 11+ stage that we test NVR skills adequately before your child starts secondary school. NVR questions are the great equaliser of testing as they cannot discriminate between ethnicity, socioeconomic classes, or between children who do and do not have verbally-based/ numeracy-based learning difficulties.

As most schools do not teach NVR skills your child's best shot at doing well in this area of the exam is by having tuition and practicing at home. There are a few free papers on the subject - the image below is the first page from a free NVR Gl paper provided by CGP:

The questions above are typical of the sort of questions you will get in the NVR section of the GL exam. As these questions are based around detecting patterns, shapes, reflection, symmetry and rotation, using mirrors and cutting out shapes to fold is a nice way of introducing your child to the subject. After that, download the free paper below and let your child familiarise themselves with a few of the questions on page one.

Before testing your child it is important that they understand the concept of NVR and the questions they might face, so show them examples before formally testing them on their ability to spot differences. Ask them questions about the shapes they see, what is similar and what is different, before asking them if there is anything they can see about one shape that is most different from all of the others. Using examples like these is extremely beneficial as it is closest to what your child should expect in the exam, so make sure to utilise the whole paper as it contains many example questions. The more questions your child attempts, the faster they will be able to identify the similarities and differences, so consistency is key.

Free papers:

Download PDF • 1.86MB

Download • 722KB

Download • 176KB

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