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Mock GL 11+ Exams. Why take them?

As the 11+ gets closer, at ELC we start to offer a range of mock GL 11+ exams. These are all written by us to reflect the range and complexity of the Wirral GL 11+.

The exams offer students a great opportunity not only to assess their current levels, but also to grow accustomed to managing their timing and in many cases, their nerves. Before all of our mock exams we have a session where we will talk through exam strategy and then ask the students to voice any anxieties they may have. Often children will express worry about not 'passing' and we will then work with them to alleviate this.

Each year, after the 11+, students will tell us how relaxed they felt going into the exam because they have used the coping strategies we provided them with during our mock 11+ tests. With our papers being written by us, we are also able to pitch the difficulty level perfectly so as to challenge and stretch the children. As a result, students who have taken our mock papers speak about finding the actual Wirral 11+ exam 'easier'.

As well as assessing current levels, the practice 11+ papers also support children in identfying areas for further focus. Our provision will assist with this as all students get to take a copy of the paoer home with them. It often perplexes us when parents tell us their children have taken mock tests elsewhere but don't receive a copy of the paper to review. In these instances it is impossible to determine the level of challenge in the paper or focus on question styles that have proven challenging; ultimately this makes for a limited mock experience...and therefore a waste of the fee paid.

In addition to receiving a copy of the 11+ paper, all of our students receive a breakdown of their exam score, a correct answer list and perhaps most importantly, a comparision to the scores of other children who have taken the mock 11+ test. We often get asked about the 'pass mark' for the 11+ and this is where the comparison becomes hugely important. We often hear of 85% being essential to pass the Wirral 11+ but this is relative as the exam score will be standardised. Instead of setting a concrete pass mark in each exa, we look to take the average score of the cohort. If a child scores above the average mark in the exam this would be indicative of them being successful in the actual 11+.

If you would like to book your child onto a mock exam please visit

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