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Giving back at Christmas

At ELC we like to think iof ourselves as more than just an 11+ tutoring provision. As such, when it comes to Christmas we like to make it a period of 'giving back'.

So far this Christmas we have surprised fireofficers in Saughall Massie, delivered Subway platters to nurses in Kensington and gift boxes to police officers on night shifts.

Why do this? Well, simply because it gives us that positive feeling of making other people happy. At ELC we believe that education is much more than maths and literacy and should really aim to support young people in becoming rounded and caring individuals.

This drive to support young people in their development is also reflected in the books that we recommend for our 11+ students. At present we are suggesting they read 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'. This tells the story of the challenge refugees have in becoming involved in society but also the way that children can help to support children who are refugees.

Another recommendation that we have for 11+ books is the beautifully written 'Boy Underwater'. Telling the story about challenges a young boy faces growing up the story also explores more complex aspects of loss and even touches upon mental health.

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