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Brain Boost for 2021 with our ELC Wirral 11+ Tutoring

We are coming to the end of the one of the most tumultuous years in history caused by the pandemic of COVID. Whilst there have been significant challenges for everyone, there has also been a phenomenal demonstration of resilience, belief and determination from the children across Wirral.

At ELC we have been fortuante to work with some of the most focussed and committed young people who worked continuously to improve their maths and literacy skills as part of their progress towards success in the 11+ exam.

Moving into 2021 we are looking forward to more opportunities to work with children across Wirral and provide our tutoring to as many Year 3,4 and 5 students as possible. In addition to this we have extended our tutoring provision to Year 6 for their SATS and will also be offering a computing course.

Our belief is that little and often is the best way for children to learn along with significant opportunities for review and recap to secure and strengthen knowledge. Our tutoring lessons are carefully planned to allow for this and are then supported with our online booster package.

Coming up in 2021 we will start our mock 11+ exams and continue with our free booster classes on weekends. To support this we ask all children to engage with regular reading as often as possible. Our 'recommended read' list will be freely available to support this and we encourage everyone to aim for a minimum of 15 minutes per day to ensure their vocabulary grows and strengthens naturally.

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