What type of teachers do you remember from your school days? Who encouraged you to learn new things and produce your best work? Learning takes place when children are motivated and engaged. This doesn’t always happen when they are sat at a kitchen table completing past exam papers, that’s so old school.

At ELC, we treat our students as individuals and not a pass rate; we have fun getting to know them and their interests, their strengths and most importantly, their areas for development.

Our class sizes are kept small (a maximum of 6 students), to ensure they can work quietly and benefit from 1-1 tuition and monitoring, but large enough to enjoy many nerdy and fun interactive activities that the children can work on together. Many children prefer to work within a group, as it helps them to become more confident learners.

We believe that every student is capable of success and improvement when supported and challenged. We celebrate together in class when progress is made, no matter how small the step.

Our parents get feedback after every lesson. We allocate time at the end of each session for you to ask questions and gain insight into their progress and areas for development. We pride ourselves on honesty and if we are ever concerned about the progress or effort displayed by your child, we will always discuss this with you.

Our students are our results, many of them often successful in the face of adversity, against all expectations of their school, other tutors or peers.

Finally, the main difference at ELC? The fun we have. The love for what we do. The energy we display to inspire our students. Our feedback from our children and parents tell us so.