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Creative writing CLUB

Boost literacy confidence and perfect for St. Anselm's

Saturday 10am Online

Our creative writing classes are structured to boost confidence with bravery, develop writing styles and above all, promote a love of writing.

Through our engaging presentation style, we will inspire your child to not only write well, but want to write, write and write some more.

Feedback from parents has spoken of teachers being amazed at the change in the attitude of children to writing and many saying they are hugely impressed with the impact it has 

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Verbal Reasoning review

Click the link to download a verbal reasoning paper.

How much of this can you complete?

(Hopefully all of it)

Challenge 3



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Challenge 4

Can you write 3 ultra challenging maths questions that can be used in lessons?

You will be given full credit in the lesson and another ELC Card for every question we use.

If you make on powerpoint it can go straight into the lesson.

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