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When should I start 11+ tutoring?

The 'when to start tutoring for the 11+' is something we get asked quite a lot and is something we are quite open about.

Effectively, the Wirral 11+ is looking to examine the maths, verbal ability and non-verbal ability skills of students.  From experience we know that the assessment is pitched at a high Year 5 level (working at above age related expectations).

Our 11+ tutoring sessions are structured so as to encompass all of the Year 5 maths, introduce non-verbal reasoning concepts and also verbal ability skills.  As you may imagine, this is quite a lot to squeeze into 11+ lessons and so the more opportunities students have for lessons the stronger their understanding and confidence will be.

Given the amount of teaching that has to take place, we suggest that a great start point for the 11+ exam is in the September of Year 5.  However, this is a decision for individual families.  If you are confident about the academic strength of your son/daughter then leaving 11+ tutoring until later in the year is absolutely fine (just possibly think about enquiring about a place to ensure one is still available for your proposed tutoring start point.)

For many families though, the 11+ is not the only aim, and instead, a boost with school is also wanted.  With this in mind our Year 3 and 4 courses have also proven incredibly popular as not only do they provide a strong basis for the 11+ exam but also serves to boost confidence with topics at school.  A bit of a win/win really.

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