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about elc

we have a couple of main targets at elc!

1.  make sure you learn lots

2.  provide lessons that you love being a part of.

Each week you will take part in lots of activities that will boost your numeracy, literacy, verbal and non-verbal skills.

We will give you feedback every week about how to make more progresses.

We give out certificates.

We have collector edition character cards.

Come along and find out more why everyone loves being part of ELC.

Small groups

Maximum of 6 students

 or 1:1

Online booster package available

We offer additional support.

Feel confident in class

Our tutors

never, ever shout.

All we want is to help you be the best that you can be...and shouting will never help you be that.

Do you have a good idea about tutoring?  Let us know!  We would love to hear it! 

In ELC classrooms, there is no such thing as a 'wrong' answer.  We just want you to try your best.


 Classroom    'Rules'...

We want you to feel part of the ELC TEAM.

You can always contact us via the 'contact button' on the site.

Do you like whiteboards?

Do you like marker pens? 

Good!  Because that is what we use in lessons.

our classrooms are designed for you.

bright, colourful and perfect to help you learn new things.

Your steps to success


Bring maximum energy and enthusiasm to every lesson

Always ask your tutor if you are stuck!

Don't worry if you make a mistake.  We have a 'mistakes are ok' policy.

Get ready to celebrate and be proud of how much progress you will make.






We will help you become amazing at all parts of the 11+.

We just need you to bring all of your energy and enthusiasm!

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St. Anselm's

Our St. Anselm's course is the best there is!  We will boost your maths, give you confidence with verbal reasoning and also get you writing like a pro!

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Upton Hall

You will learn all of the little tricks for Upton Hall with this course!

We are absolutely certain you will do fabulously well in the exam.

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English & Maths

If you are unsure with maths or would like to improve your writing/reading etc, then our maths and literacy courses will be for you!

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