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ELC's Tutoring

As our name, 'Every Lesson Counts', highlights,  we believe that every moment of Wirral 11+ tutoring should be an opportunity to support all of our students in building confidence, develop new skills and above all believe that they are capable of continuous achievement and progress.

We know that there are multitude of Wirral 11+ tutors and choosing one can be quite a challenge.  At ELC we offer tutoring which provides fantastic preparation for the Wirral 11+, Upton Hall and St. Anselm's exams success. Our structured tutoring consists of carefully planned lessons (no boring textbook photocopies), weekly feedback and detailed and quality homework booklets online.  We also offer tutoring throughout the holidays and access to our online learning platform.

We offering our hugely successful 11+ tutoring/Upton Hall and St. Anselm's sessions in the evening...we have now extended our provision to the ELC maths course or the ELC English course.  Both of these are suitable for students in Year 3-6.

We are conscious that resources can be difficult to find/print/organise and so our platform is designed to keep everything in one place.  Everything required for a lesson will be accessed directly through the site.   

Ultimately, your child is unique. They deserve the very best opportunities in life and the support and guidance which will help them to fulfill their potential.  The team of tutors at Every Lesson Counts are committed to this and will support your child (and you) through every step of their learning journey.

Please take a moment before you start your ELC journey to find out more about our how ELC has become recognised as the providers of the best Wirral tutoring.

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