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When should I start tutoring for the 11+ exam?

Traditionally, the majority of students have started their tutoring in September of Year 5. However, since the lockdowns we have seen a surge in students starting their 11+ tutoring during Year 4. With part of the 11+ exam requiring strong maths and verbal skills, parents are looking at as a way not only for successful preparation for the exam but also to support progress and acheivement at school. We regularly receive feedback that students have moved up sets in school after starting our structured course.

However, starting in Year 4 is not essential and a huge number of our students go on to be successful after starting in Year 5.

Assessing your child for the 11+ exam

We are aware that many providers will charge an initial assessment fee to determine whether your child has the skills for success in the 11+ and we have heard charges as high as £100 per assessment. Really though, you are in a position to start an assessment of your child by asking two questions:

1. 'Do they read regularly?'

2. 'Are they confident with basic arithemetic?'

These are both key aspects of the 11+ and areas we actively encourage students to develop when taking part in our course.

At Every Lesson Counts we don't advocate an initial assessment test as students are often very nervous and the reason for tutoring for the 11+ is to give your child the range of skills necessary for success in the exam. Instead, we have a policy of providing the first 2 lessons for free. This will give your child the chance to not only learn more about our unique and hugely successful approach to tutoring, but also allow them to relax and by doing so, demonstrate their true ability and understanding of the verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and maths required in the 11+ test.

At the end of the free trial lessons we will discuss the skills shown by your child in relation to 11+ questions. From there you will be in a better position to decide if to continue with the tutoring for the 11+ exam (and also not be out of pocket.)

Book a place for free 11+ lessons

If you would like your child to try the free lessons at Every Lesson Counts to gauge where they are currently at, please drop us a quick message and one of the team will get in touch to book the free first two lessons.

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