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The Best of Both Worlds - Why face-to-face and online learning work together!

Now that covid restrictions have loosened, face-to-face learning is becoming the norm again - but who is to say online learning doesn't have its merits? In this blog post, we are going to discuss how these two kinds of learning mediums work when blended together!

With face-to-face learning there are an unlimited amount of pros; it allows for more enriching social interactions with peers, boosts communication skills, boosts morale and is unsurprisingly more memorable. The tangible experience engages multiple lobes of the brain and therefore creates a more distinctive memory of the event, enabling your child to remember what they learned with more precision and detail. It also allows the tutor to give more personal feedback, praise, and the ability to easily recognise where your child might be struggling due to tone or body language indicators.

On the flipside, online learning allows your child to learn from the comfort of home, so your child can benefit from tuition they may have not been able to attend previously because of a busy schedule and/or commute issues. After a classroom session, online learning and homework can help reinforce concepts and is often more engaging than physical homework copies. With programs like Thinkific the kind of homework your child engages with is versatile and interactive including audio, animation and videos, as well as efficient (eg. receiving answers directly after completing homework versus waiting for a teacher to mark it alongside other students homework).

At ELC, all of our courses utilise a blend of face-to-face and online learning so your child can benefit from the best of both worlds! Whether it be our 11+ course, St Anselm's, Upton Hall or Maths and Literacy, each child will receive an in-classroom lesson once a week, followed up with online booster classes on the weekends and an online homework package. Our face-to-face lesson provides engaging learning with plentiful social interaction, and our weekly online homework pack tests knowledge learned in the lesson so it sticks.

Our weekend boosters are optional so it is not a problem if your child isn't able to attend, but makes for an easy way to squeeze in some learning over the weekend that doesn't require you to commute or alter any plans. If you book a lesson and cannot go last minute, you won't be charged and you will still be sent the weekly homework pack to complete! So there is no fear of your child falling behind.

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