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Mock 11+ tests. Are they worth taking?

Seeing as we run 11+ mock tests, you might be expecting that we would side automatically with the 'Yes! Mock tests are invaluable and you must get your child to take as many as possible' statement.

However, this is not quite our belief. Instead we advocate a use of the mock tests as a periodic review point. At the maximum we would advocate one a month (although of course this is open to individual parent decision).

Another aspect of the mock test is the use of the time to provide strong pastoral support. Every exam we do will start with a talk about strong exam strategy, ways that students can managed their anxieties and even how to complete the multiplechoice answer sheets accurately.

After each mock, please resist the temptation to immediately start reviewing it. The children will be mentally tired both from the concenration that has been required and also the adrenaline that will have been present. A more effective approach would be to leave the paper for a day and then pick it apart in small stages.

Following from this we advocate identifying quesitons that have caused difficulty and looking to produce two or three replica questions. Leave these for a week and then return to them with your child. The reason we suggest the period of a week is to allow processing time for your child. Having tutored hundreds of children and tracked their progress and success we have identified that this 'processing time' is a key feature for overall progress.

Other key points about mock 11+ exams

As well developing confidence with completing the multiplechoice answer sheets, doing their workings on the test paper and all round time management, the 11+ mocks will help students develop an understanding of the all round expectation of the day. Through taking the exams they will be able to approach the test with greater confidence.

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