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11+ Reading 2021 - Encouraging your Kids!

Now that libraries have opened up again and the new academic year has started, there is no better way to set your child up for success than encouraging them to read! Reading is the number 1 activity that improves comprehension, creative writing and vocabulary in kids. However, not all children are keen on reading (I certainly wasn't for a long time!) so a little encouragement might be in order.

How Can I Encourage My Kids?

1. Always have something available:

In circumstances where your child is likely to be bored, such as on long car journeys or waiting at the dentist's office, don't give them the option of using an iPad or smartphone - seize this opportunity and give them the option of reading a book or magazine you have brought along. Children will almost always choose to read over having nothing to do.

2. Choose books that are at the right level:

A lack of interest in reading could actually stem from a child being given books that are either too advanced for them, or too underwhelming! I hated reading until age 7 when I was taken to the library to choose my own books, as the books we were reading in school weren't interesting enough for me to hold my attention. When finding books for your child, experiment by picking out books with different reading levels from your local library to see what your child is most comfortable with/ finds most entertaining. Experimenting with different genres like sci-fi, adventure, realist and non-fiction might help to unearth your child's hidden enjoyment of reading.

3. Lets get CREATIVE!:

Reading doesn't always have to be so traditional. If your child is very imaginative and likes creating their own stories and/ or drawing, create a book with them by stapling together folded A4 papers! This allows for your child to create a great story with you and illustrate it along the way. Through creating their own story it might help them understand what genre of novel they might like.

4. Look for a Series!:

Sometimes a series of books is just what your child needs to thoroughly get into reading, as it allows them to be comfortable with the characters, themes and tone. You can try asking your local library or Waterstones about popular children's series, and of course at ELC we will be releasing newsletters with recommended reads!

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