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Thank-you for continuing your journey into the world of ELC.  Hopefully you can catch a few minutes in between doing the multitude of things that having children brings to browse our site a little more and discover more about our tutoring for the Wirral 11+, the Upton Hall exam or the St. Anselm's exam.

Tutoring...but not for the exams

For many people we appreciate that the 11+ exam is not at the front of their thoughts, and instead they would simply like to see their child approach maths and English with more confidence.

At ELC we have a track record of helping students achieve success with their school work that might have previously proven difficult.  If you are considering tutoring for your child is Year 3, 4, 5 or 6, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss options that are available.

Why Choose ELC?

What makes ELC...ELC?  Find out about our teaching ethos and why we work to help all children fulfil their dreams.

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Would you like to book one of our holiday sessions?  These are open to ELC students and those tutored elsewhere.


We offer a range of booster clubs and classes over all holidays as well as the ELC Holiday Booster Pack.

Our Courses

11+, St. Anselm's, Upton Hall, Year 6 Secondary preparation or just as a way to boost literacy and numeracy, we have something for all students at ELC. 



No boring worksheets at ELC.

Click here to find out why our students often rush to do homework as soon as they get back from tutoring!

The ELC Team

Click here to find out more about the various tutors that make up the team at ELC.  


We are sure we can't have covered everything! Click here to see other common questions and answers (but please don't ask why an acorn turns into an oak tree as we don't know).


Reading should hopefully be something that brings pleasure...and not a chore.  Find out more about our reading initiatives.

Missed sessions

It is difficult enough when your child is ill, without the thought that you have to pay for a missed session.  Find out more about the 'ELC way' here...

Tuition Payment

'Surely it should be more expensive! Everyone else charges more'. Find out why we hear that at ELC & about our prices for group or 1:1 tuition.

ELC Knows...

Being involved in education, we actually quite like talking about it. Check out some of our thoughts here.