Option 1: PE Lesson

It's important for us to stay fit and healthy whilst not at school. You do not want to sit at home all day without moving. Your first lesson of the day can be PE if you want it to be.


To attend PE with Joe Wicks and get your body moving and adrenaline pumping click the link below. We'll see you back here for some more educational fun after your work out.

Option 2: Your Own Hobby

If you don't want to do PE with  Joe Wicks then use the next half hour to do your own hobby. We don't mind what it is... it could be gymnastics, playing the piano, learning sign language, doing a bit of dance. We don't even mind if it's reading a book or picking your own nose... just make sure that you don't ;pick anybody else's nose because that would be weird.

If you want to take a picture of yourself doing your own hobby and send it in to us for our end of week assembly video montage then ask your parents to send it to admin@elctutoring.co.uk. We'll see you back here in 30 minutes for some more educational fun.