Welcome to IT

For today's IT lesson you are going to learn how to code.  Now if the word code sounds a little scary it really isn't.


It’s okay if you are brand new to computer science as today's lesson options are fun and easy.


Technology impacts our lives every day - we use it to talk to each other, protect each other, work, play games, save lives, help people, entertainment and connect people, etc.).

Today you will have three different coding tasks to choose from. We know the temptation will be great to try and do all - but just choose one please.

Image 22.jpg

This lesson takes an hour so lucky you as you now have a double IT lesson. There is no link to click for the next lesson.

Have fun and remember to take some screenshots of the work that you complete and send them to admin@elctutoring.co.uk for a chance to be included in this week's end of the week video celebration.