Welcome to Geography

For today's Geography lesson you are going on an animal safari around the world.

You will need to follow the instructions below very carefully.

In order for you to do this lesson you will need to have access to an iPad, an iPhone or an Android device that has Google Chrome downloaded on it and a functioning camera. 

Planet Earth has seven continents:

1. Africa

2. Antarctica

3. Asia

4. Australia

5. Europe

6. North America

7. South America.

Your Task:

1. Use Google Chrome to search for each of the animals listed below.

- Lion

- Tiger

- Shark

- Emperor Penguin

- Eagle

- Cheetah

- Turtle

- Brown Bear

- Giant Panda

2. Make a note for each one of which continent they are on and which country you would find them in.

3. Choose an interesting fact about each one.

4. Then pick your favourite animal from the list and write a paragraph about it with a drawing.

5. When you have finished your  paragraph type into Google Chrome the name of the animal that you chose, when it comes up look for the button underneath that says 'View in 3D' and then click it.

6. Follow the instructions on the iPad, iPhone or Android device, point the phone at the ground and eventually you should get a surprise in your house or garden.

7. You can resize the animal every now and then and sometimes the animals even roar.

8. Take the most amusing, realistic or entertaining photo that you can and send it through to elc@elctutoring.co.uk. Make sure that you ask your parents permission first though.

"I plan to go and visit the seven continents to try and see as many native animals as I can. Will you join me on the journey to learn more about them?"