The Wirral 11+ CEM exam

The Wirral 11+ CEM exam consists of four sections:  maths, comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and verbal ability.  These areas will be assessed over 2 papers of 100 questions.  There will be a 15 minute gap between each paper.  One of the key points is that the verbal ability is not verbal reasoning.  Traditional verbal reasoning involves code breaking and sequences.  This is not part of the Wirral CEM.  Instead the verbal ability looks at areas such as strength of vocabulary and ability to understand the context of a passage.

Key points:-

The exam is a multiple choice exam and so neat handwriting is not vital for success.

Time is pressured in the exam and so at ELC we work to encourage students to become accustomed to working quickly and efficiently.

Using a multiple choice answer sheet is a skill in itself and we work to help students become secure with this and avoid careless errors.

The 'pass' mark for the Wirral CEM


At ELC we actually never talk about pass/fail but prefer to phrase it as 'where will you be happiest'...this will be dependant upon how all other students score.  Additional points are given for age(we believe this works on a sliding scale starting in June with the maximum given for August birthdays.)