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St. Anselm's Exam

St. Anselm's is a selective boys school in the Birkenhead. 


They set their own exam which consists of three parts: numeracy (mental maths and word problems), verbal reasoning and literacy (comprehension and creative writing).

At ELC our St. Anselm's tutoring course will be ideal for covering the numeracy/literacy section of the course.  For the creative writing we encourage our students to use the higher level vocabulary they have from us and combine this with the writing skills they have from school.

We are currently offering free St. Anselm's tutoring to everyone who joins our 11+ course prior to September.  This will be one lesson a week in addition to your 11+ lesson.

To support preparation for the St. Anselm's exam further we offer a full booster day in every holiday which will include a mock test.

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