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What happens in ELC SUmmer Club?

Morning Sessions

Perfect for 11+, Upton and St. Anselm's

If you book into these, you will take part in lots of fun activities to boost you confidence with literacy, numeracy, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

This will help you SMASH school in September as your brain will be turbo-charged.

more things...

we aim to make our summer school absolutely packed full of fun.  We want you to love it.

We know you enjoy the range of activities, build your brain and also make lots of new friends!

Afternoon Sessions

We have so much planned for afternoons!

Mondays will be activites with tech/science/robots etc etc

Wednesday will let you get creative with problem solving and testing your ideas out.  How would you build and advertise a rollercoaster (and yes!  You have to build it.)

Friday:  This is for the artistic crew.  Lots of professional level art with Sue and opportunities to really be as creative as you want.

More details

Click here to see our full week by week schedule.