Online 11+ mock tests

Since the lockdown began, we have worked hard to redevelop our entire tutoring provision at ELC. Our lessons moved relatively seemlessly online (the odd technical glitch aside). As life settled a little we gradually expanded back into areas we would normally run from a classroom and now run online mock tests for the 11+ each week.

The 11+ mocks that we run have proven hugely popular with parents across Wirral and also further afield with students joining us from areas such as Manchester and London.

Using the online platform we have enabled students to take GL assessments in their own home but then receive feedback to enable them to compare their scores with other students. Form here we have been able to develop our provision further and provide resources that are of benefit to the all round development and progress of the students.

Every fortnight we produce a new range of papers to keep the challenge fresh for the students. For those who have sat them regularly we have noticed a significant increase in scores as confidence has grown. In theory (as yet unconfirmed) the 11+ will take place in September. By this point we are abundantly confident that the children who are taking our 11+ course will be in an unbelievably strong place and ready to achieve success in the exam.

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