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Book Review: The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks by Katie Kirby


'Lottie Brooks is 11 ¾ and her life is already officially over - not only is she about to start high school without any friends or glamorous swooshy hair, she's just discovered she's too flat-chested to wear A BRA!

She might as well give up now and go into hibernation with her hamsters Sir Barnaby Squeakington and Fuzzball the Third.

Lottie navigates the many perils of growing up in this fantastically funny new illustrated series for a 9-12 audience, filled with friendship, embarrassing moments and plenty of lols.'


If a tween edition of the Georgia Nicolson series existed, it is this book. Lottie Brooks is a young girl with SEVERELY embarrassing parents and a best friend who is all the way over in Australia - life couldn't be worse! 11 and 3/4 `is a difficult age as you are starting to discover your identity and your own autonomy, so why not share that struggle with Lottie? Written in the style of journal entries with comedic drawings to accompany them, this book is perfect for any pre-adolescent young girl struggling with growing up in need of a fictional best friend who understands.

Whilst communication should always be there between parents and kids when it comes to concerns they may have about entering their teenage years, sometimes kids also need a more private outlet. With the internet having so much misinformation and friends often being just as clueless, books on growing up are often the way to go - they help young people feel understood, less alone and are great at subtly educating them and nudging them in the right direction.

This book balances the silly moments and the more emotional ones very well - early on we learn Lottie has two hamsters, 'Professor Barnaby Squeakington and Fuzzball the 3rd', who she confides all her problems to in her best friend Molly's absence - the same best friend who defended her in primary school when people bullied Lottie over her lazy eye. But now Molly isn't in Brighton and Lottie never made other friends, so with secondary school looming Lottie is feeling more alone and scared than ever before. She doesn't see how making new friends in the cut-throat jungle of secondary school is possible when she feels so insecure, but she soon learns there are SOME people who are actually alright.

For any child who is struggling with friendships, identity and pre-adolescence, The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks is the perfect guide and bestie!

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