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ELC Learning Journey

The ELC Ethos

'Every Lesson Counts' is both our company name and our ethos.  We believe that every lesson should offer students the opportunity to develop not only academic skills but also those of belief, resilience and determination.  We aim to equip all of our students with the skills that will support them on a hugely successful learning journey.

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What we offer

We provide outstanding tutoring for 11+, Upton Hall, St. Anselm's as well as general English and Maths support. 

  • an hour of classroom based teaching

  • a detailed online homework provision

  • an optional online creative writing class (Sat)

  • an optional online booster class (Sun)

Our course is £25 per week and includes all of the above.

Knowing our students

A student who knows that their teacher understands them will often become a more successful learner.   We aim to know the strengths and areas for academic development of the students we support but also encourage them to be proud of their individual talents and the aspects of their personality that make each and every one of them truly unique.

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The next step

If you would like to find out more about ELC Tutoring and why we are the most successful and popular provision on Wirral, please complete the contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Ongoing support

Throughout your time with ELC, we will provide you and your child with all of the support, knowledge and guidance that our years of successful tutoring provision have given us. 

Get feedback from the tutor weekly after the lesson or drop us an email and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.


'The energy you bring to the classroom is astounding.   No wonder the children love being there.'


Mr Leighton, Heswall

From not wanting to go to a tutor to dragging me out of the house and to the car each week to get her to you guys.  Unbelievable!!  Thank-you so much.


Mrs Dawes, New Brighton

So my son has just asked me to get him some books for Christmas!  I nearly fell over.  Such a transformation in his attitude to learning since starting with you.


Mr Hall, Bromborough



At ELC we provide in depth tuition in preparation for the 11+ entrance exam.

Our success rate is unrivalled and we are Wirral's most popular tutoring provision.

St. Anselm's

Entrance exams are highly competitive but at ELC we have an outstanding pass rate & will give your son the support they need throughout their learning journey.

Upton Hall

Our Upton Hall tutoring provides outstanding progress and success.

A structured course that builds confidence and self-belief in the girls we tutor.

English & Maths

At ELC we also offer specific English & Maths tuition.  Perfect for SATS, building confidence or making the step up to secondary education.

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158 Seabank Rd

CH45 1HG

New Brighton

43a Market St,

CH47 2BG


120 Greasby Rd

CH49 3NG


Old Chester Rd

CH63 5JB


Brimstage Hall

CH60 7SF


109 Eastham Village Rd

CH62 0AF


Our centres

You will find our centres all over the Wirral as shown on the map.  ELC is never far away.

Whichever centre you attend, your child will receive the same outstanding, supportive and successful tutoring that has made ELC the household name that it is.


Class times

Monday to Friday

3.50 - 4.50pm

5 - 6pm

6.10 - 7.10pm

Saturday (Bebington)

10 - 11am

11.10 - 12.10pm