Hoylake Hub

Our education setting in Hoylake offers children the chance to engage with education in a small group, secure learning environment.

Our educational hub allows a personalisation of not only the curriculum but also the learning environment.  Through it we offer a range of subjects that are delivered by experienced and qualified teachers with the ability for parents to choose the subjects they would like their children to engage in.

Hoylake Hub Subjects

We currently offer subjects for primary and secondary age students that include:-

Maths, English, Modern and Ancient History, Geography, Art, PSHE, Science.


However, with our curriculum being personalised we always welcome suggestions from both students and parents as to what they would like to have delivered.

Hoylake Hub...the extra parts

We want our home education students to feel that this is their place of learning and that they feel confident and comfortable in these settings.

With this as a target we