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Sorry!  Craig is off and Rodge has had to go to teach :-(

But Rodge...being kind...has left you some morning challenges!

Challenge 1

Click the button to download a MINI Verbal reasoning BOOSTER.

How much of it can you?

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Challenge 2​



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Weekly Feedback​

We will let you know how you are getting on each week.

We will tell you what you are being BRilliant at and also what you can do to make another step of progress.

Ongoing support 

We hope that you like the sound of our st. anselm's course.  

The best thing you can do is come in and try a lesson with us.

We promise that you will enjoy the lesson and learn lots.

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We will help you become amazing at all parts of the 11+.

We just need you to bring all of your energy and enthusiasm!

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St. Anselm's

Our St. Anselm's course is the best there is!  We will boost your maths, give you confidence with verbal reasoning and also get you writing like a pro!

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Upton Hall

You will learn all of the little tricks for Upton Hall with this course!

We are absolutely certain you will do fabulously well in the exam.

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English & Maths

If you are unsure with maths or would like to improve your writing/reading etc, then our maths and literacy courses will be for you!

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