GL 11+ Mocks

GL Assessment Mock 11+ Test 11th October 2020

11+ Maths:  Average 23/30

Verbal reasoning:  Average 36/45 

Non-verbal:  15/25

The average in this GL 11+ test was 74%


Maths has definitely continued to improve and students looking strong with a high average mark of 23/30.  We can see the amount of work that students have been putting in as the exam draws near and with everything else that is going on in life, this is of huge credit to them.

For the final couple of weeks we would recommend completing the ELC homework pack and if possible, trying some of the later booster packs that are available through our site.

The final mock test will take place next Sunday at 10am.




GL Assessment Mock 11+ Test 27th September 2020

11+ Maths:  Average 21/30

Verbal reasoning:  Average 36/45 

Non-verbal:  14/25

The average in this GL 11+ assessment was 71%

Building really well now and the scores are reflective of the fantastic effort that students are putting in.

The maths was slightly more challenging than usual overall students tackled it confidently.

Non-verbal reasoning continues to be challenging but several of the questions were particularly hard this time.

We will continue to focus on the harder level maths as part of our tutoring this week.  We will also continue to have a part of the lesson dedicated to the GL verbal reasoning to assure the students that they can complete the exam confidently.

GL Assessment Mock 11+ Test 13th September 2020

11+ Maths:  Average 21/30

Verbal reasoning:  Average 33/45 

Non-verbal:  14/25

The average in this GL 11+ assessment was 68%

Some excellent efforts today from many students.  The return to classrooms has definitely made a difference!  

The non-verbal reasoning today we thought was particularly tough but students did a great job working their way through it.   

Verbal reasoning as usual was tackled well and we have just sent out instructions for accessing further free resources.

Maths continues to be generally positive but again, we make the paper as challenging as possible to continue to push the children as much as possible.  Given that they have had an extended period off school and for many, simply had the hour of ELC plus homework each week, the ability that is being shown is truly commendable.



GL Assessment Mock 11+ Test 30th September 2020

11+ Maths:  Average 20/30

Verbal reasoning:  Average 34/45 

Non-verbal:  17/25

The average in this GL 11+ assessment was 72%

The verbal reasoning skills of the students have improved by 10% since the previous exam although maths and non-verbal are both remaining consistent.

Mini GL Assessment 11+  Mock 16th August

11+ Maths:  Average 19/30 

Verbal reasoning:  Average 31/45 

Non-verbal:  18/25

The average in this GL 11+ assessment was 68%

The maths was a little more challenging that normal but to compensate the non-verbal ws made a little more straightforward.

We noted that students are still dropping marks in the verbal reasoning and would ask that parents check working out is being done on the page as this will massively effect the answer and result.

Working out is also key in the maths.  We are constantly advising the students to take an extra 10 seconds to write things down but know that many of them will still try to do mental maths.  This is again leading to daft errors.


GL 11+ Mock Test 2nd August


Maths:  Average 21/30 

Verbal:  Average 32/45 

Non-verbal:  16/25 :  

Test average: 69%   


The overall average for this assessment is remarkably similar to the previous assessment.   It is written to reflect the difficulty level that we anticipate of the exam on the actual day and so the regular high scoring in the maths and the verbal reasoning is particularly pleasing overall.

We are continuing to work on the non-verbal reasoning and have now introduced explainers to our website to start looking at different types of questions and overall non-verbal tricks.

To further support the verbal reasoning we will be adding papers to the website each week for students to attempt as part of their homework.  There are also explainer videos in the verbal reasoning area of the website to further improve this already strong area.



GL 11+ Mock Test 3rd August


Maths:  Average 21/30 

Verbal:  Average 32/40 

Non-verbal:  15/30 :  

Test average: 68%   

We would suggest looking at the data and the calibre of the students involved that a score of 72% would be an ideal figure to aim for, however this is only a rough science and in previous years we have found that low to mid 60s would be indicative of likelihood of success.


Overall, the maths was pleasing given that we deliberately put in some very challenging questions to try to assess the children’s responses to maths they may have been perplexed by.

The questions that caused particular difficulty were 8,14,15,16,22,28,29 and 30.  We will now use this as a basis to structure the summer 11+ booster club classes and future tutoring classes.

Verbal Reasoning

GL verbal reasoning continues to go from strength to strength and seems to now be a section that students are particular confident with.  However, we are aware that some students are still having small wobbles with some sections.  To support this we are uploading ‘how to’ videos to the website and again will focus increasingly on the technique based verbal reasoning in the 11+ Booster Club and lessons.

Non-verbal reasoning

GL non-verbal reasoning seemed to throw some students with the concept of reflection and rotation.  For this it will be a case of getting as much practice of the multitude of non-verbal styles in during the lesson.  Our free session on Wednesdays will also not focus entirely on non-verbal reasoning.


Our papers are based upon GL mock papers and so give the best experience of variety and difficulty in relation to the real exam.

There appears to be a rumour that unless you get 80% that you will not be successful in the 11+.  It has to be remembered that the 80% is generated after a significant number of calculations are applied (one of which is the known 'month of birth'.  However, the full way that the 236 pass mark is generated has not been disclosed.  This '80%' is a standardised mark and as we often talk about, it is of little relevance prior to the exam. It's as if nobody was to get 80% would the grammar schools then sit empty for a year?

We always advise students to concentrate more on completing the questions to the best of their ability, not worry about ones they can't do and make sure that they are doing plenty of working out on the paper to avoid careless, avoidable errors.

Supporting your child with the 11+ preparation

We will be updating our website daily with the 11+ booster packs.  These should take around 30 minutes per day and ensure that they go back to school in September fully focused.