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Upton Mock Exam 12th July

Paper 1 average score was 55/80 (69%)

Paper 2 average score was 63/80 (79%)

As with previous papers, the vocabulary was particularly challenging in the first Upton mock exam, however the speed that girls are tackling the questions is increasing all the time with the average level of completion at Q73.

The second verbal reasoning test was tackled with more confidence overall and just a little tidying up of a few techniques would have seen even stronger scoring.

Boosting Vocabulary for the Upton test

In the free session this morning I was advising the girls to try to draww little stickmen sketches of new vocabulary and this seemed to go down really well.

Naturally, nothing beats reading a book for improving vocabulary and it is the 15 minutes or so a day of fact of fiction reading that will make a huge difference.

Working through questions with your child

Over the weekend I have made an attempt to produce some instruction clips showing how to solve different questions.  These will be loaded up to the website as quickly as possible.

When practicing the question papers we suggest breaking it into 10 minute chunks and seeing how many can be completed.  Naturally different questions take longer than others (e.g code to word) but you should be able to see if a question is taking an inordinately long period of time.  

Additional support

We have had free Upton tutoring available throughout the year.  Over summer this will run on a Saturday at 11.10am with Tanya.  

Additional opportunities will be available via the weekly summer booster club with an hour session of verbal reasoning being provided at either 9.30am or 10.30am. This is part of a wider platform that will also look at maths on Monday, nonverbal on Wednesday and a mini mock on Thursday.

Further practice is possible via any GL verbal reasoning test papers as this is what the Upton exam has always been based upon.

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