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Mock Test 2nd August


Maths:  Average 21/30 

Verbal:  Average 32/40 

Non-verbal:  15/30 :  

Test average: 68%   

We would suggest looking at the data and the calibre of the students involved that a score of 72% would be an ideal figure to aim for, however this is only a rough science and in previous years we have found that low to mid 60s would be indicative of liklihood of success.


Overall, the maths was pleasing given that we deliberately put in some very challenging questions to try to assess the children’s responses to maths they may have been perplexed by.

The questions that caused particular difficulty were 8,14,15,16,22,28,29 and 30.  We will now use this as a basis to structure the summer 11+ booster club classes and future tutoring classes.

Verbal Reasoning

GL verbal reasoning continues to go from strength to strength and seems to now be a section that students are particular confident with.  However, we are aware that some students are still having small wobbles with some sections.  To support this we are uploading ‘how to’ videos to the website and again will focus increasingly on the technique based verbal reasoning in the 11+ Booster Club and lessons.

Non-verbal reasoning

GL non-verbal reasoning seemed to throw some students with the concept of reflection and rotation.  For this it will be a case of getting as much practice of the multitude of non-verbal styles in during the lesson.  Our free session on Wednesdays will also not focus entirely on non-verbal reasoning.

Supporting your child with the 11+ preparation

We will be updating our website daily with the 11+ booster packs.  These should take around 30 minutes per day and ensure that they go back to school in September fully focused.

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