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GCSE Maths Tutoring

For the last four years you have been entrusting us with the job of enhancing your child's love of education with an aim to get them into the school that is the best fit for them. We wish to build upon our excellent KS2 provision by offering subject and revision support at a GCSE level.

We have tutors that can offer a wide array of GCSE support. Due to the fact that GCSE support is often offered 1:1 rather than in small groups we will be able to offer personalised tuition for Year 10-11 students at our study centres that have more than one teaching space between 7:10-8:10pm - these will be held at Bebington, New Brighton and Hoylake

1:1 GCSE Revision will cost £30 a session but if a small group can be put together we would offer our usual £20 tuition fee. This will include any support material that will be used during the session.

At the moment we are able to offer GCSE tuition for the following subject areas:

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