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Mock Exam 7th June

Average score was 66%  We would suggest a score of 70% would be a good indicator of success in the final exam.   

The individual section averages were:-


Maths:- 20

Verbal Reasoning:- 32

Non verbal reasoning :- 13


Next step:-


We have used the information returned to identify some of the maths questions the children found more challenging and will be putting some resources together to support this.  Once ready it will be made available via the website and in lessons.


The daily 11+ boosters are now up to Day 47 and are freely available via our website for ELC students. 


We also have a half hour free booster every Wednesday at 10am.  Each week we will focus on a different non-verbal / verbal or maths area.


There are 10 free verbal reasoning papers available on the blue bar on the home page.  The majority of students now just need to increase the time they can complete these questions in as they are confident with the technique.  Using these papers will achieve this increase in speed.. 

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