This is the bit of fun that a few parents earned for you!  They posted examples of your amazing work (well done to Jack with his digging, the Goldings with their TIC TOC, Harry Morris, Charlotte Hughes, Cheryl Low, Jack Kelly, Sophie Davies and her little bro and Ollie Lovedale as your work was sent in!)

You the app and we want to hear a short story about your favourite part of ELC world this week.  If you have more to tell us then make it with different characters.

If someone at home can video it and post it on Facebook under the one that Bwiian posted with a walrus yesterday, there will be a prize for entry that makes Rodge or Craig laugh.​

You are only allowed to access things on this page if you follow the allotted time on the timetable!

If we get lots of emails from parents saying you tried to go over the time we will limit IT opportunities. ;-)