English tutoring at elc

What to expect on an ELC English Course


Our maths courses are suitable for students in Year 3 - 6

Each course includes:-

  • ​one live hour of teaching per week related to curriculum expectation

  • introduction to new reading genres 

  • comprehnesion skills

  • class sizes will be a maximum of 6 students (we do not mix age groups)

  • access to our extensive online homework booster packs

  • booster packs throughout the holidays

  • access to our extensive online learning resource platform (additional maths boosters & challenges)

  • weekly progress feedback to students and parents

  • 24/7 email support

Course price is £15 per week.

Provision following COVID

First and foremost,  whenever permission for us to return to our classroom teaching environment is given we will be making sure that students are taught in an environment that continues to promote social distancing within a classroom and high standards of cleanliness before, during and after lessons to limit and potential transmission of Covid-19.

Every ELC classroom will follow a policy of one student to a double seat desk and a space of a two metres between each desk.

Students will be let out of classrooms one by one directly to their parents cars under observation of the teacher.

Following each lesson the desks and chairs will be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes and disinfectant.

Following lessons feedback will be provided via email to limit the need for parents to wait in close proximity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@elctutoring.co.uk or on 07961950/494 or 0151 6438937 to discuss further.