GL 11+ Assessment

This year Wirral Borough Council has decided to change from CEM to GL in terms of who provides the 11+ papers.  Whilst it may have been seen as advisable to wait until the end of an academic year, they have seen it preferable to allow the information to trickle out rather than making a clear statement.

We appreciate this will naturally cause concern amongst parents (especially as rumours grow and spread rapidly).  As a result, we have put together a series of questions and our answers below).

Q.  What is the difference between the old CEM and the new GL 11+ assessment

A.  The majority of the areas examined (comprehension/maths/non-verbal reasoning/literacy) will remain.  The GL will also introduce verbal reasoning similar to the old 11+.  

Q.  Will you change your course to cover this?

Absolutely!  We have years of outstanding success in delivering the 11+ that was previous to the recent CEM and we will utilise all of these skills to ensure your child will make the strongest progress possible.

Q.  Will your mock exams be GL based?

Yes.  We will rewrite our mocks to incorporate the new aspect of verbal reasoning.

Q.  Where can I get resources for the GL assessment?

Over the next fortnight, we will be adding a GL resource section to our website.  This will of course be free of charge for all ELC members.  If you require further resources, these can be found on Amazon etc by typing in GL maths/English/verbal reasoning/non-verbal reasoning.

Q.  Will my child require additional tutoring now?

We believe we can fit the verbal reasoning into the tutoring lessons and have already started to adapt lessons for next week.  However, we will also be introducing an extra tutoring session on Sundays for those who want to attend.  This will look at verbal reasoning in more depth and also recap some key points from the weekly lesson.  They will be held in Bebington or New Brighton and be £5 per week.

Q.  Will this exam be harder than the CEM?

From discussions with headteachers, we were of the belief that the CEM put children under too much time pressure and prevented many from showing their true ability.  The move to GL who are seen as not so time-pressured was seen to be a logical one.

For further ideas of what the exam will entail please visit:-

We hope that we have answered as comprehensively as possible.  However, if you have further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at  Please do not believe the rumours etc that will inevitably swirl around.